Hair replacement has its origins in the 1800s. Modern techniques began in the 1930s in Japan where surgeons used follicle units to replace damaged eyebrows or lashes. Check here for more information on hair transplantation to meet women’s needs.

The modern area began in the 1950s with treatments for male pattern baldness. From then, techniques have improved so that newer procedures work better for women, who generally have thinner hair all over or in the front.

At an initial consultation, the surgeon will discuss which procedure he prefers to use with females. Your chosen surgeon will discuss your expectations and whether one session or multiple will work best for you. Maybe after your initial consultation, you will decide just to get a new hair style to camouflage your thinning hair!

Hair loss in women is almost as prevalent as hair loss in men. For a long time, men have been seeking out hair transplants to help relieve the stress they felt for losing their hair. Hair loss in women can be even more devastating for some women. We often expect a man to lose his hair at some point in his life due to hormone changes, but we don’t always think about women losing their hair. There is an option for women to have pretty hair with a natural hair line. Hair transplants for women are quite popular.

It’s normal for women to lose hair. Normally women and men lose hair all over the head in an organized manner that isn’t very noticeable, but sometimes the hair either gets very thin or they develop a receding hairline at some point in their lives. Sometimes pregnancy and other hormone changes can cause hair loss in women. Nowadays, there is more awareness about hair transplant options for women. You may have seen commercials on TV advocating hair transplants for women.

Approximately 50 percent of women experience significant hair loss by the time they reach 50 years of age. If you are tired of your hair loss, just do a little research about hair transplant popularity for women. You will see much information about hair transplant needs for women. In the past, hair transplants used to be extremely expensive and the surgery didn’t always give great results. Nowadays, techniques for hair transplantation have greatly improved and the prices for hair transplants for women and men have become quite competitive.

Years ago the cost of hair transplantation surgery was very expensive. Hair transplant for women costs much less than it did a decade or two ago. It used to cost approximately $15 per graft, but nowadays, it can cost anywhere from $3 to $8 per graft in many clinics. The price for each graft becomes lower as the time in the session increases. The more grafts that are done on the patient, the cheaper the surgery can be done.

Are hair transplants for women cheaper than other non-surgical hair restoration treatments Yes, in the long run, hair transplantation is less expensive than non-surgical hair restoration treatments. For instance, there are hair clinics that weave a hair system into the hair, and it needs to be reattached every few months as the hair grows.

The hair system would have to be maintained every 4 to 6 weeks, especially if you get your hair cut regularly. It can cost about $1200 to have a hair system attached to your head, and it can cost up to $75 a visit to keep the hair system maintained. With hair transplants for women, you have the cost of your transplant surgery, which can be charged by the session or it can be charged by the graft, and after your sessions are done, you have regular growing hair.

To find out an estimate of what a hair transplant for women costs, contact the office of your hair transplant physician. The office personnel should have pamphlets explaining what the surgery entails and how much it should cost. You will need to have a consultation with the doctor, so he/she can look at your head to estimate how much hair will need to be transplanted. The cost of the hair transplantation procedure will depend on how many sessions will have to be scheduled.

Sometimes women cause their own hair loss without realizing they are doing it. Some hair products that women use could cause hair loss over time. There are hair products that women use on their hair, such as hair gels, shampoos and hair coloring that can cause thinning of the hair over time. Pulling the hair into tight pony tails, pig tails and braids can also cause loss of hair due to traction.

Before you search out a hair transplant surgeon, research what causes most cases of hair loss. Sometimes autoimmune disorders cause hair loss; if you have an autoimmune disorder, as your family physician if there is anything that can be done to stop your hair loss. Some people experience hair loss due to behavior problems. Sadly, some people actually pull their own hair out as a stress reliever; if you tend to pull on your hair in times of stress, talk to your doctor or mental health worker before you seek out a surgeon.

Hair transplants for women might not be necessary for some women if they would take care of their hair without using harsh styling and coloring products. Using hair rollers on the hair can also cause hair loss when they are wound very tightly to the head. As long as there are women pulling their hair into tight hair styles and using harsh products on their hair, there will be hair transplant needs for women. There may be other options for people who are seeking out hair transplants. If there are no other viable options, then precede on to find a hair transplant surgeon.